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What Would Dwight Howard Look Like As A…………….?

dwight to houton 5

dwight to the houston 4

dwight to houston 3

Dwight to Houston 2

Dwight to Houston uni
dwight to denver dwight to kings 2 dwight to kings dwight to nuggets dwight to sonics 2 dwight to sonics dwight to spurs 2 dwight to spursAre you wondering what Dwight Howard would look like in your teams uniform? I have the Nets, Mavs, Hawks done so far. Clippers & Rockets coming

dwight to PHX

Dwight to Suns
dwight to SF

Dwight to the Bay
dwight to hawks dwigth to ATLdallas mavs 13 dwight to brooklyn brooklyn black uniformDallas Mavs 61

Louisville Cardinals Basketball Concepts

These are some different concepts I did for Adidas last year. I did something like 300 different ones in total. I was just brainstorming different ideas for them. They had a stroke and decided that impact camo was a better idea. I want it on the record that I had nothing that idiotic look.

feather 11

fade the other way

fade inlay

fade red pin stripe

fade double way

double fade 2

double color fade 2

doulbe pin white number

double pin stripe

double fade

diag dash

diag dash2

cross red

diag dash 4

diag dash 3

dash in lay

dash block shoulder

yellow stripe

white big head

white double fade

white single fade

wrap around bird

ville grey in red

white and grey big

ville white top

ville grey gradient

ville grey black

ville red

ville red gradient

ville grey 7

ville grey 3

ville grey 4

ville grey 5

ville grey 6

ville gradient red



ville grad 2


uofl 6

txt top


txt 2


stripes gradient 4

stripes and fade 5

the ville

text black stripes

stripes 2

two color fade

shoulder dash 2

soccer black

stripe fade

stripe fade 2

single fade


script red

single fade 2

soccer louie

soccer louie 2

shoulder dash

script fade

red pin feather 2

red pin feather

red pin white trim

red strpe

red fade 4

red feather fade

red fade up feather

red fade down

red fade double

diag dash

diag dash2

red down double fade

red feather script

red pin 2

red pin 3

red pin angle

diag dash 4

diag dash 3

dash in lay

dash block shoulder

chest txt 15

chest txt and stripes

chest txt

cross red

chest txt 14

chest txt 12

chest txt 11

chest txt 9

chest txt 8

chest txt 3

chest tt 4

chest txt 7

chest txt 6

chest logo 10

candy top

chest txt 5

black with feathers

candy 4

candy top 2

candy top 3

black fade

black diag dash

black and white stripe

bird wings

bird fade pin

bird head 2

bird head script

bird ville

bird and number

big red and white

big red and white L

big red and white l

big L stripe gradient

big l stripe gradient 2

big l stripes

big l

big l 4

big l 3

big L 2

big head stripe

big bird 5

big bird 6

big head leg

big head lower stripe

big bird 3

big bird

big bad red bird

big bad bird

big and name belt

big bad bird 2

big bad bird 3

Alabama Crimson Tide Helmet Concepts Deal With It

These are some old Alabama helmet concepts I did last year. Deal with it and stop yelling I can’t hear you and I don’t care. I did it, I’m working on some more so just deal with it.

white bama

bama white red a

bama white overlay red a

bama white hounds 2

bama stripe overlay and number

bama silver red a

bama silver overlay elph

bama silver 2

bama silver a

bama silver hounds

bama overlay stripe 4

bama hounds tooth 6

bama hounds tooth 3

bama hounds stripe

bama hounds stripe overlay

bama hounds stripe 2

bama helmet white hounds tooth

bama helemt silver hounds 5

bama helemt red hounds 2

bama helemt red hounds

bama helemt no stripe

bama grey elphant

bama elphant

bama elphant 2

bama elpahant overlay

bama black with stripe

bama circle logo

bama circle 4

bama circle 2

bama black

Utah Utes Helmet Madness Bracket Links To All 17 Sets

Utah Utes Helmet Madness Bracket Round 2

Utah Utes Round 2 Set 17 Utah Utes Round 2 Set 16 Utah Utes Round 2 Set 15 Utah Utes Round 2 Set 14 Utah Utes Round 2 Set 13 Utah Utes Round 2 Set 12 Utah Utes Round 2 Set 11 Utah Utes Round 2 Set 9 Utah Utes Round 2 Set 10 Utah Utes Round 2 Set 8 Utah Utes Round 2 Set 7 Utah Utes Round 2 Set 6 Utah Utes Round 2 Set 5 Utah Utes Round 2 Set 4 Utah Utes Round 2 Set 3 Utah Utes Round 2 Set 2 Utah Utes Round 2 Set 1