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Blake Griffin Seattle Sonics

griffin sonics 8370998060_1b8374ef59_o clippers sale

The What If Of The LA Clippers Sale

Timeline of the Los Angeles Clippers sale to billionaire with a B Steve Ballmerclippers sale

The Clippers are being sold for $2 billion with a B. All the self proclaimed internet experts say a move of the Clipper to Seattle will never happen because you don’t spend $2 billion to get an LA Market team to move them to the smaller Seattle market. Yes, it is a risky if not crazy business move but if you put down your econ 101 book and look at this sale it might just be perfect.

1. You have an owner that is worth $20+ billion with a B.

2. You have an owner that can spend $2 billion with a B on a team and not blink

3. LA is a Lakers town that is a Fact. Always will be Always has been.

4. No one will care if you move the Clippers because well no one cares about Billy Crystal’s feelings and everyone else in LA will just be like Lakers still here right and go ok.

5. Seattle needs to be back in the NBA and back with a very rich owner is an even better scenario.

6. Steve Ballmer was the man that tried to bring Seattle a team but failed once before so why wouldn’t he try it again.

7. Ballmer can pay whatever the Staples Center wants to get of the lease.

8. The NBA can sell an expansion LA NBA team in a nano second with a premium added to the sale price

9. It wipes the Clippers name and Sterling memory from the NBA

10. If you are worth $20+ billion with a B you don’t have to play by the rules

11. The Sonics name is back in basketball

12. Macklemore designed uniforms

I know the team would be named the Sonics but I still thought it would be fun to Sonic up the Clippers logo

northwest clippers seattle clippers 4 sea clippers seattle clippers 2


Sonics Logo Ideas Click to see more

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Sonics Uniform Concepts Click To See More Uniform Ideasdwight to sonics dwight to sonics 2

Yeah that is Dwight you know he is going to want to play for the new Sonics

Want Me To Look Over Your Design? I’m Now On Fiverr

I am now on Fiverr

Want me to review your concepts, tell you what I think you need to change, have questions about the best way to make a concept got $5 bucks then hit me up.


Please no Nike or Adidas designers I know you need help but come on guys.

Montreal Canadiens Carey Price Is Right Paint Mask

Link to my Jimmy Fallon Themed Habs Mask 


Jimmy Fallon Canadiens Mask Paint Job

Decided to do a paint job to have some fun with this Jimmy Fallon bet. One side has Youppi in front of a NYC subway map with I heart NY the other side has Jimmy looking at a Habs Stanley Cup Trophy in front of a Montreal Metro map with I heart MTL. The center of the mask features the current habs logo on top retro Habs logo on bottom, team color striping with an inlay of maple leafs in the red. I didn’t do a back but I am think ? uestlove at his drum set in a Canadian Montie uniform

Carey Price Is Right Mask    Blackhawks Mask Paint JobCANADIANS FRONT canadinas mask ny side jimmy habs mask jimmy fallon canadians mask