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Gurley VS Gordon Who Do You Take Cleveland

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Melvin Gordon In A Cleveland Browns Uniform

browns gordon

CHANEL Announced As New Primary Sponsor For College Football Playoff Championship Game


In a marketing move to get women trapped in front of the tv by their football crazed boyfriends to care about who wins the game Chanel has decided to become the primary sponsor of the College Football Playoff Championship Game. The new trophy will be a larger than life sized version of Chanel’s newest lipstick called CHAMPION.

The new lipstick will feature colors of every National Championship team in NCAA history.


Wisconsin Badgers Rose Bowl Helmet Concepts

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Nebraska VS Wisconsin Adidas Unrivaled Uniform Concepts

I did these last year when Nebraska played Wisconsin and they both wore those ugly uniforms in what Adidas called the Unrivaled series

unrivaled 3

unrivaled 4

unrivaled 5

unrivaled 6

unrivaled 7

unrivaled 8

unrivaled 9

unrivaled 10

unrivaled 12

unrivaled 13

unrivaled 14

unrivaled 15

unrivaled 16

unrivaled 17

unrivaled 18

unrivaled 19

unrivaled 20

unrivaled 21

unrivaled 22

unrivaled 23

unrivaled 24

unrivaled 25

unrivaled 26

unrivaled 27

unrivaled 28

unrivaled 29

unrivaled 30

unrivaled 31

unrivaled 32

unrivaled 33

unrivaled 34

unrivaled 36

unrivaled 39

unrivaled 40

unrivaled 42

unrivaled 43

unrivaled 44

unrivaled 45

unrivaled 46


unrivled 2