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CHANEL Announced As New Primary Sponsor For College Football Playoff Championship Game


In a marketing move to get women trapped in front of the tv by their football crazed boyfriends to care about who wins the game Chanel has decided to become the primary sponsor of the College Football Playoff Championship Game. The new trophy will be a larger than life sized version of Chanel’s newest lipstick called CHAMPION.

The new lipstick will feature colors of every National Championship team in NCAA history.


Northwestern Wildcats Sneak Peek Homecoming Helmet Sample

Here is a little sneak peek of what two of the sample helmets backs would have looked liked if either had been approved. You can see all of the original designs here


Sample Northwestern Wildcats Homecoming Helmet

Sample Northwestern Wildcats Homecoming Helmet

If you like the look let the Coaches know want them to yes to this sample

Northwestern Wildcats Homecoming Helmets That Could Have Been

A few months back during the the summer I was contacted to help create a new over the top helmet for Northwestern to wear for homecoming. I spent a few weeks coming up with some ideas shooting emails back and forth with people in the program and a few alumni. Below are some of those ideas. A concept was picked and some samples were made but sadly someone with more power vetoed the idea in the end because it was too flashy. You can see what the helmet would have looked like with the uniform here. You can also see the design on the back of the helmet featuring the Northwestern N. If you want to see one of these helmets on the field let the people with veto power know because they have the power to make it happen.


Charles Sollars Concepts @charlessollars


homecoming 2

Northwestern Mock up 27homecoming 5

Charles Sollars Concepts @charlessollars

Northwestern Mock up Nhomecoming homecoming 11 homecoming 3 homecoming 7 homecoming homecoming 11



Northwestern Wildcats Full Uniform Concepts With My Helmets

If you want to see all of the helmet concepts click here

Charles Sollars Concepts @charlessollars Charles Sollars Concepts @charlessollars
Northwestern B1G 3 Northwestern B1G 4 Northwestern B1G 6 Northwestern B1G 7 Northwestern B1G 10 Northwestern B1G 11 Northwestern B1G 14 Northwestern B1G 15 Northwestern B1G


Northwestern Homecoming 2 Northwestern Homecoming 5 alt Northwestern Homecoming 5 Northwestern Homecoming 11 alt Northwestern Homecoming 11 Northwestern Homecoming 15 alt Northwestern Homecoming 15 Northwestern Homecoming 17 alt Northwestern Homecoming 17 Northwestern homecoming 72 alt Northwestern Homecoming 72 Northwestern Homecoming alt Northwestern Homecoming roller ball alt Northwestern Homecoming roller ball white alt Northwestern Homecoming


Northwestern Mock up Northwestern Mock up 1,000,000 Northwestern Mock up 2 Northwestern Mock up 3 Northwestern Mock up 6 Northwestern Mock up 7 Northwestern Mock up 8 Northwestern Mock up 9 Northwestern Mock up 10 Northwestern Mock up 11 Northwestern Mock up 12 Northwestern Mock up 13 Northwestern Mock up 14 Northwestern Mock up 15 Northwestern Mock up 18 Northwestern Mock up 19 Northwestern Mock up 20 Northwestern Mock up 21 Northwestern Mock up 22 Northwestern Mock up 23 Northwestern Mock up 24 Northwestern Mock up 26 Northwestern Mock up 27 Northwestern Mock up 29 Northwestern Mock up N

Northwestern Wildcats Wounded Warrior Concepts

Northwestern is going to wear this helmet

Here are a few ideas I did a while back I believe are how does one say way cooler. I will try and throw some of these into the new templates this week.

Charles Sollars Concepts @charlessollars

Charles Sollars Concepts @charlessollars

Wounded Warrior wounded warrior 12 wounded warrior 11 wounded warrior 10 wounded warrior 4 wounded warrior 7 wounded warrior 6 wounded warrior 18 wounded warrior 16 wounded warrior 15 wounded warrior 2 wounded warrior 3


Northwestern WOUNDED WARRIOR 3 Northwestern WOUNDED WARRIOR 4 Northwestern WOUNDED WARRIOR 5 Northwestern WOUNDED WARRIOR 7 Northwestern WOUNDED WARRIOR 8 Northwestern WOUNDED WARRIOR 2 Northwestern WOUNDED WARRIOR Northwestern Mock Wounded Warrior 2 Northwestern Mock wounded warrior 4


Northwestern Mock Wounded Warrior 3 Northwestern Mock Wounded Warrior 5 Northwestern Mock Wounded Warrior