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Major League Baseball Has Two Big Problems. Here Is A Fix For One Of Them

Major League Baseball has two major problems. The first is the draft and the second is the Qualifying Offer system. We can tackle how to fix the draft on a different day, today we focus on the flawed system of record setting numbers of Qualifying Offers season after season.
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LLyod McClendon Is A Manager Again And I Have An Idea

LLyod McClendon is once again a manager in MLB. The last time he was a manager he stole first base. I think that his new team should start the season with first missing from the field. McClendon should come out of the dugout with his lineup in one hand and the base in the other. He should hand over his lineup and then walk over to first and put the bag on the field. It is the elephant in the room so why not have some fun with it before the dumb broadcast guys bring it up. If MLB can get the first game to be vs the Pirates that would be even better

Yankees Fans Would Go Ape But It Just Might Work

I know what I am about to say is going to get every Yankee fans panties in such a big bunch but it might be the best gamble for the team.

Robinson Cano is a free agent at the end of the year. Mariano Rivera is retiring. The team still owes ARod a ton of cash if he isn’t banned from baseball. Jeter is coming off a broken ankle and will be retiring in a few years. Their big money first basemen can’t stay healthy, and their minor league system is not over flowing with top end talent.

Let’s start with Cano. All reports and rumors say that the Dodgers could be willing to go 200 million for Cano because they print money some place in the basement out there in LA. Teams like the Cubs, Phillies, Mariners, Mets, Nationals, O’s and maybe a few other teams could come out of the shadows with a pile of cash. The Yankees prob are the front runner for Cano but he will still listen to all offers in the offseason.

The Yankees are sixth games back in their division and they are fourth in the wildcard race. It might be too early to say they are out of the playoffs but I think it is easy to say that even if they make the playoffs they will most likely not do anything once in the playoffs.

Ok, now comes the part where I piss off all of Yankee Nation and most baseball writers. Oh, lets not forget Bud. The Yankees would be taking a huge gamble by allowing Cano to see what life could be like in LA, Saint Louis, Pittsburgh, Arizona, Atlanta, Boston, Oakland, Baltimore, or Tampa.

The Yankees could use the talent they would get back in the deal to help rebuild the farm system and shed a small contract or two in the deal. The Yankees agree to trade Cano with a wink wink long term deal already in place with Cano.  The Yankees will get back some good talent back and probably can get a team to over pay with the idea that they can convince Cano to stay.

This idea is an omission that this year is dead which will anger most fans. The last part of this deal is where everyone is going to hate me. You trade Mariano. Ok, now before you send the hate mail think about. Yes, he is a life long Yankee, yes he will go into the hall as a Yankee, yes he should retire as a Yankee, but the return on him could be huge.

Mariano could be on a championship team one more time to end his career, he could single handedly restock the Yankee farm system by pitching for another team for 3 months.

If Mariano really wants to do what is best for the Yankees he will allow them to trade him. It is not only good for the team but it is good for him. Yes, it will be odd to see him in a new teams uniform but get over it.

What would a team like Saint Louis, LA, or Arizona give up to have Mariano close out games? Most rental players do not bring a ton of value back to a team but I would bet that Mariano could bring back two top tier prospects plus  several other lower level guys from a team with a strong farm system and issues at closer. Yes, I am talking to you Saint Louis. Instead of going out and trading for another backend starter these teams could simply take that package of players and add 2 or 3 of their top 10 prospects to get the deal done. Yes, it is a situation where you are trading away tomorrow for yesterday but someone would be willing to do it.

How The MLB ALL STAR GAME Should Look

I am not a huge fan of the league just slapping a patch on the hat and the uni for the so-called All Star Uni. I think that some kind of special uniform should be made for the game. I am not sure if they should do something like city based team names like in New York the Taxis vs Subways or do a theme like the Natural with the Knights vs Wonderboys or if they should just go with the team colors like in the Homerun Derby. I don’t like the idea of just slapping American or National the uni. I want to see what team each guy is from. So, my thought is why not do a base uniform with colors of the host city and then add the logos of each team to each uni. Now I don’t know if I want the logo to keep its colors or be changed to the host city colors. I just had this thought so I have only done a few hats. Here is what I have so far. I did three versions of hats.

Version 1 is the bp cap with the team logo in the center. On the side of the hat you will see stars. The stars would show how many All-Star Games each players has made. So, in the two examples the 5 stars would be for Molina and the one star Kc hat for Perez.

Royals all star hat set


cardinals all star hat


cards all star hat

cards 2



giants 3 dodgers 3

dodgers 2mets 4 mets 3 Mets 2 Mets



royals 3

royals all star

angels 2



tigers 4


tigers 2 indians 9 indians 6 o's 4 o's 5 rangers 2



houston a's 6 a's 4 a's

a's 2tampa bay 2 blue jays all staryankees all star 2 white sox all starred sox all star


seattle 2

Version II would have the team logo moved to the side where the stars were on the other hat and the league logo would tap the center of the cap.

american league hat


Final Version

The center of the cap would include the regular front of each teams hat. The only issue with this idea is that some teams could end up with some ugly color combinations.

Royals all star team color royals 4

royals 5 tigers9 tigers 7

tigers 10

houston 2

houston 3

indians 8 indians 3 indians 2

indians 5 a's 5a's 3 tampa 3

tampa bay



red sox yeam color 2 red sox team color yankees all star


o's o's 2

o's 3rangers 3 rangers 5

rangers 4seatlle seattle 3 angels 3 angels

blue jays 2


NL Team Color Fronts


giants 2

cards 3cards 6 cards 5 dodgers mets 6 mets 5