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USMNT New Nike Uniform For Germany Match

chuck norrisStart of the Matchusa start of the game

5 Minutes Into The Matchusa world cup 5 min

25 Minutes Into The Matchusa chuck

46 Minutes Into The Matchusa chuck 45 mintues

55 Minutes Into Matchusa 60 minute



USA Soccer Kit Concepts Part II USMNT

USA Kit Concepts Part I  Keeper Kits  US Logo Ideas  Older Kitsusa 24usa 23usa 22usa 21usa world cup 18

Argentina World Cup Kit Concepts

argintina 7argintina 7argintian 15argintina 8argintina 7argintiana 16argentian 5argentina 2argintina 8argintina 12 argintina 11 argintina 10 argintina 9argentina 3argentina 4argentina 6argentina

Japan World Cup Concept Kits

Japan japan 3 japan 2

Netherlands World Cup Kit Concepts

holland 7 holland 9 holland world cup holland 2 holland 6 holland 5 holland 4