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Chelsea FC Samsung Galaxy S 5 Kit Branding Of The Future

I had the idea that what if companies stated doing more product related marketing on kits. Right now most companies just put the company name or logo on the front of the kit. My idea was what if electronics or a automotive brands took it one step further focusing on a single product the brand sells integrating the same print and media branding into the kits.

I did several kit concepts for Chelsea and their kit sponsor Samsung. I focused on the newest phone they are pushing the Samsung Galaxy S 5. Here are the two links to the bulk ideas Part I Part II 

Clubs currently are wearing 3 kits. Most fans will agree the home kit needs to be basically unchanged for most clubs. Small additions are ok but you need to be able to know what team it is at a glance. I decided that in keeping with this tradition that primary kit would follow the standard look as well as having the more common brand logo on the front.

chelsea 49

This kit would be the primary kit. The branding on the front is standard large brand logo on front with a slight color change behind the chest logo to help focus the eye on the branding. The striping on this kit is in triple to tie in with Adidas sponsorship.

The secondary and alt kit have much less if any real rules that must be followed to ensure no fan backlash. These kits are where the real money can be made by the club. I believe companies would pay a premium price to integrate their print marketing into a living billboard on the pitch. I also believe that a 2nd alt uniform could be pitched to drive the revenue even higher.

The first kit is the away kit. This kit will be the first to feature the product branding. In this kit the design is still very basic but brings in the print ad and phone design into the chest logo.

Here is the one of the print ads for the new Galaxy S 5


chelsea 41

This kit takes the three stripe branding from the home kit, replacing the blue for gray to pair with the print ad and back of the phone design in the chest logo. The branding has been changed to Galaxy S 5. The chest branding now reflects the print ad. You will also notice the Samsung branding on the tail of the kit in an almost ghosted image.

The alt kit is where the most money and liberty can take place because it is the least important kit in the minds of most fans meaning it has the most room for corporate branding.


chelsea 39

This alt kit brings in a third color to the kit set. Keeps the product branding of Galaxy S 5 on the chest but ads the phone screensaver where the phone case print was in the away kit.

The final piece of the kit set is the training top or tops if a brand wanted.

chelsea 10


If a team or brand wanted to introduce this kind of branding a second season could push the line of what is acceptable to the fans as far was how much branding could be seen during a match.

A second season using this approach could look like this


Home Kit Year 2chelsea 58

Away Kit Year 2

chelsea 65

Alt Kit Year 2

chelsea 44

Training Top Year 2

chelsea 18

Chelsea FC Samsung Galaxy S 5 Branded Kits Part II

chelsea 65chelsea 64chelsea 62chelsea 61chelsea 60Samsung Galaxy S 5 Chelsea Kits Part I 

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Chelsea FC Samsung Galaxy S 5 Concepts

I keep seeing all of these Galaxy S 5 phone ads. They keep using the same pattern in all of the ads. Samsung also has the kit sponsor for Chelsea. I had the idea to take the Galaxy S 5 branding and put it on some Chelsea Kits. It only seems logical to me that if clubs are going to change kits every single year and a new phone comes out every year that someone is going to turn the kit into a phone ad.


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