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Hawaii Rainbow Warrior Concepts Part II

I did an update on the sweet Rainbow Warrior uni a few weeks ago. These are those same uniforms but in green and black not the white on white like I did the first time.

Helmet Concepts    Logo  Rainbow Field  Helmets Part II

hawaii uni greenhawaii uni green 2 Continue reading


UA The Next Great Shoe Gimmick “Riley Curry Fridge Art DE”

UA signed Curry gave him a shoe and Steph went out and has made that shoe sell. “Suck IT NIKE!” I’ll say it for UA. The Curry MVP sold out in minutes at most places. I am sure whatever Championship Edition they come out with will sell out just as fast.



UA made a version for Steph’s fav candy.


This last week UA even gave Daddy Dell a version of the latest Curry shoe.


I love the idea but the most famous Curry still doesn’t have their own color way. That’s right UA needs to bring out a DE Curry Shoe. What is a DE edition you ask? Daughter Edition.



Yep, Riley needs to be given a coloring book a big box of 128 and whatever gets hung up on the fridge UA runs with in both kids and mens sizes. You know she can make a cooler pair than the guy that designed the Hawks  new uni.


Memphis Tigers 901Helmet Concepts


If you saw the Tigers the spring game you saw the 901 helmets they were wearing. Here are some of my concepts that lost out to what they have on tonight.



memphis memphis 901 memphis 901 2 memphis 901 3 memphis 901 4 memphis 901 6

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Missouri State Bears Uniform Concepts



mo state bears uni 15 mo state bears uni 19 mo state bears uni 14 mo state bears uni 13mo state bears uni 10 mo state bears uni 9 mo state bears uni 8 mo state bears uni 12 mo state bears uni 11mo state bears uni 16 mo state bears uni 17 mo state bears uni 18 mo state bears 1 mo state bears uni 2 mo state bears uni 3 mo state bears uni 4 mo state bears uni 5 mo state bears uni 6

What is Under Armour Thinking

Under Armour has paid to be the official sponsor of the NFL Combine but yet they are letting Adidas run the 100k for the fastest 40 time contest.

Why are they letting another brand run a better marketing campaign in the event they paid to sponsor? You already spent the money why not give whoever runs the fastest 40 time a two year shoe deal at the same 100k but name one of your shoes after them plus do a TV ad with them on draft day.

If you tell these guys you wear a UA shoe and run the fastest 40 time you get your own signature shoe and a tv ad not a single kid there would wear Adi. Adi would have to spend some real money to get the attention of the players. Naming a shoe after a guy runs you $0 dollars

Just saying someone at UA needs to fired for letting this happen and the guy at Adi needs a raise because a 100k is nothing.