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Yadi Needs To Paint Up His Mask


Arizona Fall League


Arizona Fall League , a set on Flickr.

Northwestern Wildcats Sneak Peek Homecoming Helmet Sample

Here is a little sneak peek of what two of the sample helmets backs would have looked liked if either had been approved. You can see all of the original designs here


Sample Northwestern Wildcats Homecoming Helmet

Sample Northwestern Wildcats Homecoming Helmet

If you like the look let the Coaches know want them to yes to this sample

Arizona State SunDevils Flame Helmet A Better Version

In back to back days Arizona State has rolled out new helmets that look blah. Both helmets look like someone had an ok idea, then someone else ran and threw it in photoshop, then someone else made it. I like fast but the only one little issue is that the helmets they spent all of that money to make should have never left the laptop that they were created on. These helmets should have been a starting point for an idea not the end point for production. Bravo Nike you have done it again rushed a bad design to market because everyone will stop and all OMG that is great becky look at that helmet because you have trained the public not to question you. So, warning all NCAA schools, NIKE, Adidas, Under Armour, Russell, etc… pick up the phone and call me before you go drop how every many grand on a lid.

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