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Green J’s that Jordan Would Hate But We All Would Rock

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Jabari Parker J’s In New Bucks Colors

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Jordan XXX

I did some flat Jordan XXX concepts where I smashed the uppers of the AJ 1 with the soles from the Nike Hurricane 2k4 for a 30 year update of the Jordan that started it all. My idea was to have 30 color sets made that would follow MJ’s career from UNC to Chicago to Dream Team to Baseball to Wizards to Bobcats to Hornets to Owners Box

Here is the link if you want to check that out Jordan XXX

air-jordan-1-retro-high-og-bred-nikestore-1 Unknown

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Michigan Jordan XXX

With Michigan back on the drug that is Nike and since the dealer decided to give them the primo shit to help them leave their old dealer. Why not come out with an updated AJ 1 for the AJ XXX  in a Michigan color set and a black fab five color set.

aj xxx M


aj xxx fab five

UNC March Madness Concept Uniforms

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