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Buffalo Sabres #ThirdsNotTurds Concepts

buffalo logosbuffalo full 53buffalo full 50buffalo full 51bufflao full 44buffalo full 40buffalo full 35buffalo full 45buffalo full 33buffalo full 31buffalo full 30buffalo full 18buffalo full 15buffalo full 14buffalo full 13buffalo full 11buffalo full 17buffalo full 16buffalo full 10buffalo full uni 9 buffalo full 9 buffalo full 6 buffalo full 5 buffalo full 4 BUFFALO FULL UNI

Henrik Lundqvist Rangers Stanley Cup Mask

You have all watched the ESPN ad with Henrik in the caf. This mask paint job is 100% inspired by that ad.

chef mask full front face mask rangers chef 34th rangers mask 2 rangers cup mask

Montreal Canadiens Carey Price Is Right Paint Mask

Link to my Jimmy Fallon Themed Habs Mask 


Jimmy Fallon Canadiens Mask Paint Job

Decided to do a paint job to have some fun with this Jimmy Fallon bet. One side has Youppi in front of a NYC subway map with I heart NY the other side has Jimmy looking at a Habs Stanley Cup Trophy in front of a Montreal Metro map with I heart MTL. The center of the mask features the current habs logo on top retro Habs logo on bottom, team color striping with an inlay of maple leafs in the red. I didn’t do a back but I am think ? uestlove at his drum set in a Canadian Montie uniform

Carey Price Is Right Mask    Blackhawks Mask Paint JobCANADIANS FRONT canadinas mask ny side jimmy habs mask jimmy fallon canadians mask

Chicago Blackhawks Goalie Masks Concept Number 2

This Blackhawks masks features the sweater logo and stripe on the back that fades into black at the top. This masks also features the headdress, Team shoulder logo, and Stanley Cup logo.

Link to other mask I did

blackhawks Cupblackhawks blackhawks 3

blackhaks 2