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Murray State Racers Helmet Concepts That Were VETOED


Here is the helmet that was used but below are all the other ideas I gave to Murray State sadly they went conservative. I really wanted the front facing logo looking at the defender or lineman from every Murray State player but as a designer you never have final say and I was told that it was too much. Link to stripes only murray state 5 murray state 7murray state smallermurray state racersmurray state horseshoemurray state helmet 2murray state 24murray state 23murray state 22murray state 21murray state 12murray state 11murray state 10murray state 7murray state 5murray helmet set

Murray State Helmet Stripe Concepts That Didn’t Happen

20140830-045315.jpg  20140830-045249.jpg

This is the helmet the school went with but below are some stripe options I made before the design to go with only checker was made by the school.


murray state stripe redo 2 murray state stripe redo 3 murray state stripe redo 4 murray state stripe redo 6 murray state stripe redo 7 murray state stripe redo 8 murray state stripe redo 9 murray state stripe redo

Murray State Helmet

I designed the new Murray State Helmet for this year. Here are some pics of it in action and some samples. I will post some of the concepts that got vetoed later this week. I tried pushing the envelope but racing checkers were all that I got approved. Here is the link to the wilder concepts that got shot down Helmets






Sample helmet with checkers starting part way up the stripe. The same was stagger was on the back with numbering in navy in the yellow.

Soccer Cleat Concepts

dr3 3d bottom 3 dr3 3d bottom 4 dr3 3d bottom dr3 4 shoes dr3 4d bottom 4 dr3 blue dr3 boot 3d bottom dr3 bottom both dr3 bottom turf dr3 cleated dr3 footdown dr3 footdown dr3 lat dr3 me dr3 new bottom 2 dr3 new bottom 3 dr3 new bottom 4 dr3 new bottom dr3 purple dr3 turf 2 dr3 turf dr3 yellow