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Charles Sollars Concepts is ran by me Charles Sollars.

I color really well that is about all you can say about what I do. I have not once changed a uniform or helmet in any way other than adding logos and color. Uniform design is about two things matching the uni to the school which no brand does well right now and coloring. I color better and faster than anyone at any brand in the world. I am not a designer. I can not sew worth a damn nor have I came up with a better way to construct or produce a material. If you are looking for that go talk to a tailor, after that call me to make it look good.

I was born in Missouri. So, watch yourself when talking about the Royals and Chiefs. I went to Missouri State.

I started designing uniforms December 2011 while at work at my crappy medical staffing job that I hated. I downloaded a free trial of photoshop and began teaching myself how to use it while I blew off work. A month later my designs went viral having a million views on flickr alone in two weeks and then up to two million on flickr shortly there after. My designs then began being featured on yahoo.com, bigten.com, lostlettermen.com, every single Rivals.com site who never asked if they could post my stuff, news papers and pretty much every other thing that covers sports. All of my old work can still be viewed on my flickr site http://www.flickr.com/photos/fourteen85/sets

This site will feature my designs for the NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA, MLS,NASL, NASCAR, NCAA, and anything thing else I come up with. I am a freelance designer at the current time. I have now loyalty to any brand. I will post my views be it good or bad as I see fit. I am not simply a fan of a brand. They must win me over with each and every product they put out. Adidas if you are reading this you haven’t won me over. The last two years of impact camo and now those patternrific football uniforms make me want to  pour bleach on my face. If I hate it I will let you know. If I like it I will let you know. If I think I can do better I will. My overall experience with Adidas was well lacking. They can’t do a single thing without missing a deadline and getting someone to approve it to take to someone else to approve.

I am a fan of most sports. I am a diehard Chiefs fan and Royals fan. I follow the Royals, Cardinals, Giants, and Diamondbacks in baseball in that order. I have no real team loyalty in the NBA or the NHL. I will watch any college football game.

I don’t care if you like, love, loath, or hate me or my designs. Feel free to tell me why you hate my designs but don’t just be like blah. If you hate it say why give me a real reason you hate it. Saying that it looks blah doesn’t help me. Saying that looks bad because we never use that logo, or those colors are off is perfectly fine. I do what I do and that is what it is. IF I call out your team, brand, or design get over it or do something better to make me shut up. If you are a brand or team feel free to call me because Yes I can do a better job than the guy you have doing design now.

I am not a graphic artist. I am not educated in art. I am not a corporate idiot. I am just a guy that knows a little about photography, a little about art, self taught himself photoshop and realized I can do a better job designing uniforms and helmets than the Big 3 Nike, Adidas, and UA. They don’t like me because I can do a better job in an hour than their team of six takes all year to come up with. Quickest way to shut me up hire me to run your brand until then I could careless what you think and will blast you when needed. So, Adidas stop making one template for every team and then adding ugly patterns and call it cutting edge. This design style is lazy, boring, and just a bad idea. Your sleeve NBA uniforms need a complete redo feel free to call. The world will thank you


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