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Arizona Diamondbacks Hat Concepts

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The Helmet Oklahoma State Cowboys Should Be Wearing

The helmet OK State is wearing today is blah. It’s matte black so that makes it special if you look on twitter but I’m pretty much over matte anything making every helmet sweet. The helmet they are wearing just has the OSU lettering on it which is ok but if Nike spent more than two minutes on this OK State would look way cooler. I did this concept over a year ago but I have the new better looking template so I decided to throw the Cowboy Head on the new template real quick because well I had 5 minutes before lunch. Don’t worry OK State fans I will be doing a bunch more concepts uniforms and helmets in the upcoming weeks but for today you get these 5.

NIKE you can do better but choose not to for most teams. Why don’t you show each team you sponsor the respect they deserve. By show respect I mean don’t let intern grade uniforms on the field. If I can do better in 5 minutes you must not care too much about the program.

The first two are my picks to replace the helmet they are wearing today.

Charles Sollars Concepts @charlessollars

Charles Sollars Concepts @charlessollars

Charles Sollars Concepts @charlessollars

Charles Sollars Concepts @charlessollars

Charles Sollars Concepts @charlessollars

Arizona Diamondbacks Team Color Camo Hat Concepts
























Dear Nike & Kansas City Chiefs Make This Shirt


Your NFL line of products is well lacking a few things. I took it upon myself to help you out with a design that needs to be made yesterday. Your mascot tees you made for MLB were cool. KC got no love there Slugger never got a shirt shame on you, but I did buy the Presidents Racing one for the Nats.

Ever since I saw that line of shirts and then the cartoon mascot MLB shirts I have been waiting for you to make a KC Wolf Mascot shirt if not several because he is the best mascot in the NFL. I decided I would mock up this first one to show you how f#@king fast this shirt would sell. I picked this one because this is when KC Wolf got in on the action of bringing down a fan that was running on the field. I would also suggest the following other 4 versions of a KC Wolf shirt in this order 2. in the santa outfit, 3. Hawaiian shirt (especially now since Andy is in town), 4. Him killing a Raiders fan in any fashion, and 5. skydiving in to the stadium.

Nike you may have this idea all I ask is a big ole box of Kansas City Chiefs stuff for oh however long you have the NFL contract because this idea is gold. FYI Nike I wear a 7 5/8 hat XL Nike shirt and L Uniform Size 10 on the kicks. Also if you are reading this Mr. Hunt I would love to be KC Wolf for a game. Did I mention I have prior mascot experience as Louie and Fetch for the Cardinals Mr. Hunt?


nike red legend kc wolf

nike kc wolf 3

nike red xmas wolf

#Fantasynomore “Edward Snowden Travel Agency”

The “Edward Snowden Travel Agency” is not the final winner of the #fantasynomore contest but I liked the name so here is a helmet.


E.S.T.A Wallpaper Charles Sollars Concepts @charlessollars