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Kansas City Royals Alt Hat That Needs To Happen Next Year So We Can Honor The Monarchs


I want the Kansas City Royals to ad this Alt cap to the rotation next year so when we make it back to the World Series we can honor the spirit of Kansas City’s baseball past with this Royals color Monarchs cap.

If we did this we wouldn’t have to ask MLB for permission to wear the Negro League Uniforms. We could simple wear the Royals color version of the Monarchs uni.

I think this is a great idea and a better look than the current alt bp hat in gray.

A uniform to match would be cool too but I didn’t have time to make it because Game 7 just started.


Missouri State Bears Helmet I Designed

Helmet I designed and gave to Missouri State where I graduated twice




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My Kansas City Royals Signs For Game 2,3,&4

I have tickets to Game 2 in KC Game 3 & 4 in San Fran. All of my seats are in the outfield. I was lucky enough to win the raffle the Giants had for tickets at face value. The Royals tickets I bought on stubhub so me and my dad could go.

I decided I needed to make signs because its the World Series and we are in the outfield in the prime sign area. I will let it be known I like Hunter Pence as a player but since he is playing the Royals I had to go hard at him.

I am planning on going to two games for sure but most likely will sell one of the SF games to help pay for the other tickets. Now if someone wanted me put their company logo on my signs in hopes of getting on national tv for a fee I could go to all three games and keep a little more blue in the sea of orange.

Also if you are lazy and want a sign you can pay me to make you one.

Now on to the signs

Hunter Pence Signs First

The Honey Boo Boo on still needs pics of sugar bear and momma June







Royals Signs

The RallyRibs sign has spots where I can put a BBQ stain each time we have a rally. If any kc BBQ company wants their logo on the rallyribs or hunter pence BBQ sign hit me up on twitter

The phone one lets you change the bubble.










Royals Small Market Big Heart

These shirts are just ideas no one is producing them currently but if the Royals, Nike, Majestic, or RallyHouse would like to make this shirt I would be glad to take that call.



This One’s For Buck Shirt

I was playing around with some shirt ideas the day after the Giants had won punching their Ticket to face the Royals. I started with an idea for a small market big heart design (you can see here) but quickly went in another direction. I was sitting there making the shirt I was going to have made to wear to the game in SF when the thought of how cool it would have been to hear Buck O’neil talk about this crazy run the Royals have been on the last 3 months.

That thought made me think win it for Buck. I then came up with the idea for the shirt at is going to be sold by the Negro League Museum in Kansas City. I went to twitter and started tweeting anyone and everyone trying to get someone to put me in contact with someone that could get the Royals OK to move forward with my idea. Later that day Bob Kendrick contacted on twitter. I shared a few images with him and the next day we talked on the phone. Bob loved the idea and he ran with it. By the end of the day Friday he had gotten all of the OK’s and a printer.

The shirts should be in next week so contact the Negro League Museum at one of their events or online to get a shirt that looks good, pays tribute to a Legend, and raises some money for the museum.

I then decided to spend a lot of money on a pair of tickets in KC for the game on wednesday. Hopefully the first batch of shirts will be in so both my Dad and I can wear my shirt to the game.