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A Better Ace Patch For The Royals

It is great that the Royals are wearing a tribute patch this year for Ace, but the design of the patch is lacking. I know it is a memorial but that doesn’t mean it has to look bad. I came up with this simple heart and crown design with Ace or 30 in the center of the heart. I mocked up the patch on a gray and blue uniform and on the outfield mural.

Apr 5, 2017; Minneapolis, MN, USA; Kansas City Royals starting pitcher Ian Kennedy (31) reacts to giving up a run in the second inning against the Minnesota Twins at Target Field. Mandatory Credit: Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports



Sluggerrr Wap #1738

1738 small

Royals 1738 Trap Queen Remix Click link to play


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Kansas City Royals ALL-STAR Lineup Sluggerrrized

royals final vote


Moose Wins! Final ALL-STAR Spot

royals final vote moose al powder ALL STAR MOOSE 2 ALLSTAR MOOSE


The Royals Should Embrace A Monarchs Inspired Uni For An Alt

Now before your twitter tards start yelling “They already do!” (With your I know more than you shit eating grin on your face) I know the Royals wear Monarchs Uniforms every year. I also know that they auction them off and do the the Dressed to The Nines Day. I also think the Royals need to get a costume rental place to bring in a trailer full of vintage stuff you can rent for the game because that would be sweet. Maybe even make it free with a deposit that is refunded if you don’t get mustard on your shirt.

I am not talking about a throwback uni that is navy blue and red and says Monarchs on it. I am also not saying the Royals should stop wearing the Monarchs stuff. I think they should wear the Monarchs stuff a few more times a year, if nothing else to help promote the Negro League Museum.

Back to my original idea of the Kansas City Royals embracing a Monarchs Inspired Alt uni. I am sure Majestic would be all for having another uni to sell. Adding another Alt uni is the easiest way to make this happen. Why does it need to be an Alt uni and not just the Turn Back The Clock Uni. Well, you can’t wear the Turn Back The Clock Stuff in the Playoffs and World Series.

My idea is to take some of the classic elements from past Monarchs uniforms and caps and come out with a new Monarchs themed Royals colored uniform every few years .


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I think this would be a great way to honor the tradition of the Monarchs but still have a uniform that has Royals logos and colors

I think every uniform should have the heart KC patch on it in some form or another. I also think the K C jersey should be the template so the uni doesn’t say Royals or Monarchs but still has the classic look of a Monarchs uniform.

buck oneil
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