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Royals World Series Game Two JumboTron Game Victory & Horrible Prize














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photo-2I went to Game 2,3,&4 of this years World Series while at the game in KC I was picked to play the mountain climber game, which was awesome. My dad and I were just sitting there and this dude came up talking about the game and we were like do we need to move and he was like no do you want to play. Dad pointed at me and that was that. I killed the game and won. I was told that there would be two prices one if I lost and one if won. The promo before the game was for a new car so needless to say I thought I might have a chance at a new car. The host asked me the three prices Frozen pizza, Milk, and Bananas. I nailed each damn near spot on. My guy moved up like less than 2 bucks. I was told I had the best score ever of anyone to ever play the game by the people running the game. The experience was awesome but the prize was well crappy as hell. I won and I was there waiting for my better price since I won. I saw a blue shirt and the guy that picked me was like you get something no matter what so I figured the shirt was that prize. I waited around for as a second staffer asked what does he get and then someone said give him that like they didn’t give shit or planned for me to win. I got a generic $5 giveaway shirt that they randomly throw into the stands. The thing didn’t even say World Series on it. No, car, no autographed ball, no World Series pin, not even a free Coke. The lady before me lost in striking fashion and got a $200 gift.

The point of this story is that the chance to play the game at the World Series was sweet but if all you can spare is a $5 generic shirt you might as well not play the game at all Royals. It left a very bad taste in my mouth on how cheap you were. I mean if no one normally wins shouldn’t the prize be something cool?


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