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Nice Clipart Fantasy Football Logo Bud

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Green J’s that Jordan Would Hate But We All Would Rock

jordan xi jp 3

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Sluggerrr Wap #1738

1738 small

Royals 1738 Trap Queen Remix Click link to play


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Royals Trap Queen Remix #1738

Ok so I am not a music person so I went all walkman up to the radio style to make this mix. I used my old as hell iPhone 3gs yes 3 i know they are ready to sell 7 in like a month but whatever. So, i held it up to the laptop and go some audio clips of royals players, announcers, myself, and everyones fav korean royals baseball fan, a piano version of trap queen and trap queen downloaded a dj mixer and a free audio splitter and this is the bad audio that came out of it. Spoiler alert David Glass made the mix

There I laid out the idea now Fetty Wap go make the the Real Kansas City Trap Queen Remix and I want a producer credit

Click here to open a player page —>Royals 1738