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Hippie Idea On How To Win This Election

I was watching Trump give his Cruz gave up dissertation ranting about how much money was spent on negative ads. Well the light in my head went on and think I just figured out how someone can get themselves elected this year. This is not a donkey or pachyderm only idea.

So, what is this earth shattering idea that Donald, Hillary, Cruz, Bernie, or Clooney for that matter could roll out tomorrow. It is simple you call MSNBC, CNBC, FOXNews, ESPN, ABC, PBS, TNT, USA and every other letter tv station and you walk up to the podium and you look at the camera, you take off your jacket, drop the tie, unbutton your dress shirt to reveal a concert t-shirt you actually bought at a concert, you throw on a baseball cap, you pause.


“What the FUCK America!”    are the next words out of your mouth. The censors might be blind sided and FUCK might make it on air or it might get bleeped. Now that everyone watching put down their screen in front of them blocking the tv screen. You look at the camera again and you say

“I ____________ am pledging to match all the negative ad money that any runs with jobs and community improvement programs all across this country to show you the American people that I am actually about fixing things. I will use all of the money that has been pledged to me in this manner. Any super pac that wants to support me can call ___________ to find out how to donate funds to a community project in their home state. These projects will include tiny house projects in all major cities, taco kitchens because who really wants soup this time of the year, free medical screenings, free clothing for school age children, funding for school arts programs, clean water programs, a number of  programs for all of our Vets that proudly served our country and have been left to suffer, and many other programs I haven’t even heard about yet. We have set up a number where you can call to submit a program to receive funds. My team has already reached out to a number of programs and we have already began funding and hiring people for some programs I feel need to be created. Our goal is to use this mass of wealth that people have no problem throwing away on ads to do real good for real people. What do you have to lose? If I lose millions of dollars will have been put back into fixing our country and if I win we can keep crossing things off the fix it list. Thank You and have a great day.”

You do that right there and you win because everyone in the race will have to say what a noble and great idea this is that you have just announced. They will have make programs like these of their own and if they run negative ads they will look horrible. The big money donors will have to give you some money or look horrible. Pretty much everyone but you will look horrible if they don’t get on board and if they get on board they will look like followers not leaders.

So, there it is people if you don’t want Hillary, Trump, or whoever have your checkbooks open and pick your man and due what I have stated above. If you are a billionaire that is shaking his head about the would be choices America is facing then do something to fix the problem because this election thing has obviously gotten away from us.

Looking at you Gates, Koch Brothers, Buffet (Warren & Jimmy), and all of you celebs that want to move out of the country if __________ is elected.

I would do this idea myself but I am poor and too young to run for the office of President but if you happen to take my idea and run with it if you want to build me a nice little house and wave that ole tax thing with some of those funds that would be fine by me.

I think even Francis J. Underwood would approve of this idea. If you are a producer of the show and want to use this idea in the next season of House of Cards feel free to email me a contract with flight details and a pay scale for my writer credit.