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Let me first say I love the subway tile theme on the baseline. That concept should have been taken further down the rabbit hole. The all-star uniforms themselves look unfinished and generic. It is just another failed attempt by Adidas who if they were a kappa gamma they would be sent home because your drunk adidas.

I took the subway them and the two city theme and came up with these. Now I spent like 2 hours on this so yes it could be improved but Adidas spent all year on the crap they rolled out.

The basic idea here is Brooklyn and New York colors will be the base colors for east and west. The circle and number reflect the subway system. The color of the circle is the color of the players team.

the white box with the east or name in it are the train destination boxes.

I did sleeved and regular because I still think this is how it should be done letting players pick if they like sleeves.

Lots of stars because it is an All-Star Game

There is room for improvement but it was two hours worth of thought which seems to be a bit more time than Adidas spent on the real uni UA Nike please get the contract when this one is up

all star east GASOLall star WEST CURRY 2all star WEST CURRY















Denver Nuggets Concepts

I decided to post some really old Nugget concepts I did back in 2012. These were some of the first basketball uniforms I did after Adidas basketball called me. They suck compared to what I have done now but here you go.


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Dwight Howard In Teams Uniforms Other Than Dallas To Tweet To Mark Cuban

I did 100 or so uniform concepts for Mark Cuban’s design my next uniform for free contest which for a billionaire is kind of a dick move to have people design stuff for you that you will sell for millions. I then tweeted my designs to Cuban’s twitter account the the prick then blocked me. I said nothing mean or bad about his team I simply shared my work featuring Dwight Howard wearing his uniform. Well, this pissed me off more than the ass wanting design work for free so if you want to show Mark what Dwight will look like in any uniform other than a Mavs feel free to retweet the shit out of the pictures below. So, like the team uni Dwight is in or just think Cuban is a rich dick feel free to retweet until he blocks you.

Might as well give him a reason to block me




What Would Dwight Howard Look Like As A…………….?

dwight to houton 5

dwight to the houston 4

dwight to houston 3

Dwight to Houston 2

Dwight to Houston uni
dwight to denver dwight to kings 2 dwight to kings dwight to nuggets dwight to sonics 2 dwight to sonics dwight to spurs 2 dwight to spursAre you wondering what Dwight Howard would look like in your teams uniform? I have the Nets, Mavs, Hawks done so far. Clippers & Rockets coming

dwight to PHX

Dwight to Suns
dwight to SF

Dwight to the Bay
dwight to hawks dwigth to ATLdallas mavs 13 dwight to brooklyn brooklyn black uniformDallas Mavs 61