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Michigan Jordan XXX

With Michigan back on the drug that is Nike and since the dealer decided to give them the primo shit to help them leave their old dealer. Why not come out with an updated AJ 1 for the AJ XXX  in a Michigan color set and a black fab five color set.

aj xxx M


aj xxx fab five

NCAA Helmet Concepts


I have done thousands of NCAA and NFL helmets. Below are just a few of those helmets. If you wish to see more of your team just click on the link to see more helmets and for some teams full uniform concepts.
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CHANEL Announced As New Primary Sponsor For College Football Playoff Championship Game


In a marketing move to get women trapped in front of the tv by their football crazed boyfriends to care about who wins the game Chanel has decided to become the primary sponsor of the College Football Playoff Championship Game. The new trophy will be a larger than life sized version of Chanel’s newest lipstick called CHAMPION.

The new lipstick will feature colors of every National Championship team in NCAA history.


Michigan Basketball

Michigan 1Michigan logosmichigan logo 2Michigan 2Michigan 3Michigan 4
Michigan 5Michigan 7Michigan 8Michigan 6Michigan 11Michigan 9
Michigan 15michigan 16michigan 17michigan 18Michigan 13Michigan 14
Michigan 12michigan chevronmichigan chv 2michigan ch 3michigan chv 4michigan ch 6

Michigan Basketball, a set on Flickr.

Michigan Sleeved Uniforms

michigan champ sleeved 39michigan champ sleeved 38michigan champ sleeved 36michigan champ sleeved 27michigan champ sleeved 29michigan champ sleeved 26
michigan champ sleeved 37michigan champ sleeved 22michigan champ sleeved 21michigan champ sleeved 20michigan champ sleeved 19michigan champ sleeved 17
michigan champ sleeved 16michigan champ sleeved 15michigan champ sleeved 14michigan champ sleeved 13michigan champ sleeved 12michigan champ sleeved 11
michigan champ sleeved 10michigan champ sleeved 9michigan champ sleeved 8michigan champ sleeved 7michigan champ sleevedmichigan champ sleeved 8

Michigan Sleeved Uniforms, a set on Flickr.