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Frank Lampard NYCFC Kit Concepts

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David Villa To NYCFC Concept Kits

Link to other Kit Concepts for NYCFC Part I II III  Lampard Kitsvilla 16 villa 17 villa 18 villa 20 DAVID VILLA villa 3 villa 4 villa 5 villa 6 villa 7 villa 9villa 10 villa 14

New York City FC Concept Kits Part III

Part I   Part IInyfc 2 NYFC nyfc 5 nyfc 6 nyfc 7 nyfc 8 nyfc 18

New York City FC Kits Part II Hoops/Stripes Concepts

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New York City FC Pinstriped Concept Kits

I started with some kits using the three main colors in the NYC FC badge. I threw the Etihad logo on there because they are the shirt sponsor of Manchester City Currently. I also did several versions of kits with some kind of pinstripe because they will be playing in Yankee Stadium. I am guessing one kit has to have some pinstripes. I am going to do some more kits with some different ideas and a few different shirt sponsors sometime soon.

The below kit is not really something I think they would use but it would be cool to sell to bring the Yankee brand and Man City brand together because it is basically just both of their uniforms combined.

Part II  Part III


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