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Soccer Cleat Concepts

dr3 3d bottom 3 dr3 3d bottom 4 dr3 3d bottom dr3 4 shoes dr3 4d bottom 4 dr3 blue dr3 boot 3d bottom dr3 bottom both dr3 bottom turf dr3 cleated dr3 footdown dr3 footdown dr3 lat dr3 me dr3 new bottom 2 dr3 new bottom 3 dr3 new bottom 4 dr3 new bottom dr3 purple dr3 turf 2 dr3 turf dr3 yellow

Miami Vice Adidas Kit Concept

miami 600kmiami vice adidas kits

Man U Kit Concepts

man u 4 man u chevy man u 10 man u 8 man u 7 man u 5 man u 3

Umbro Soccer Cleat Concepts

These are some bad sketches of some  concepts I did like a year ago. The shape is a little off but it was my first attempt at soccer/football boots9539945525_5a160fd387_o 9539945415_3a3a4bed22_o 9539945455_55a61d9337_o 9539945481_e33d90bc9d_o 9539945735_01b82a8cc2_o 9539945793_2d5746fcdb_o 9539945913_f83f7cd045_o 9542733592_6030487fd8_o 9542734056_4e976c41ed_o