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New York City FC Concept Kits Part III

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New York City FC Kits Part II Hoops/Stripes Concepts

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New York City FC Pinstriped Concept Kits

I started with some kits using the three main colors in the NYC FC badge. I threw the Etihad logo on there because they are the shirt sponsor of Manchester City Currently. I also did several versions of kits with some kind of pinstripe because they will be playing in Yankee Stadium. I am guessing one kit has to have some pinstripes. I am going to do some more kits with some different ideas and a few different shirt sponsors sometime soon.

The below kit is not really something I think they would use but it would be cool to sell to bring the Yankee brand and Man City brand together because it is basically just both of their uniforms combined.

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De Plane De Plane De Plane Project

I was contacted a few months back by a plane owner that building a new plane. He  had seen some of my helmets and asked me if I would work on his new plane. He knew that the base color was going to white, he wanted some kind of tiger stripes to run the length of the plane in a light silver or off white, and accent colors of navy blue and red. I said yes and we began working on bringing this plane to life. Below are the final two versions of the plane. He has yet to pick which one he is sending to paint. I will have pictures of the plane prob next year because it is still being built.


only tiger tiger final

Player Protest Question In LA

The players in LA came out with their warmups inside out in protest because Sterling is a racist dick. My question is since Sterling owns the Clippers does that make you as a player not want to wear that name and colors? I would say the answer is yes.

I know I would not want to wear the colors or brand of a man that hates me. I have worked for bosses in the past that were very vocal in their hate of many different groups. I hated the man  but much like the players I never saw my asshole boss more than a few days a year. I needed the money and had no other job offers at the time that could pay me as well as that one due to language in my contract.

Unlike the players my boss had no  direct verbal hate towards me other than he thought I was paid property and the random hippy statement. He viewed everyone that worked for him as nothing more than company slaves there to earn him a profit. I did not face the direct verbal abuse he tossed around openly in the office towards women, homosexuals, and any race other than fat white men from Oklahoma.  The point being as soon as I was able to leave that job and pay my bills I did. I gave my boss a piece of my mind on his behavior as soon my offer letter was signed. Once home I threw out everything with the old company name. I threw out travel mugs, shirts, pants, pens, and all kinds of stuff. Things that had no tie to the company and were still useful but they were branded with that assholes name. I didn’t want to be seen with anything that tied me to that man or reminded of that man.

I would guess that the players feel the same way. Yes, they are being paid millions to play a game, yes those millions are being paid the Clipper organization, but the Clippers name is very much tied to Sterling. No, one would ask any of these players to come out to play a game in a KKK outfit no matter how large of contract they signed.

Taking all of this into consideration I think the players should be allowed to vote on if they want to still wear the colors and name Clippers. If the players say that no they do not want to represent this racist they should be allowed to pick a new uniform to wear during the playoffs. A simple black uniform with a white LA on the front would be simple enough to produce as well as send a very clear message to Sterling that he is no longer the one in charge of this team. If the league says no we have to sell uniforms then let the players pick from one of the old  throwback uniforms or let them wear only the uniforms that only say Los Angeles


I do not see the Clippers having a problem past the playoffs because I would get the owners together to force Sterling to sell the team. Once a new owner is in place I would design a new uniform keeping the Clippers name colors but clearly showing a new era in LA basketball has started.