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Armed Forces USAF, ARMY, NAVY, MARINES Football Uniform Concepts

NCAA Helmets        NFL Helmet


Original LAX Versions

These started out as lacrosse uniform ideas for a project I was working on but the guy that had final say on that project didn’t like the idea. So, I took the work and made them into football uniforms for the Service Academies Army, Navy, and  Air Force.

I saw a few questions online. So, here are a few answers.

Yes, I know the Marines do not have their own academy. The original project the four team themes were already picked for four high schools to wear. I kept the Marines because Navy could still wear them or any team wanting to do a military theme for that matter. The medical theme on Army was because the original project was going to give a donation to the Wounded Warrior Project. So, the medic treatment was a hat tip to the service that all the doctors, nurses, etc provide to all the wounded service men and women.

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Converse Chuck Taylor III Concepts

So, with the Chuck getting a smuckers birthday update by Nike this year I thought what if Nike went crazy with update. The images below are what I came up with using photoshop. I grabbed some flynit, some lunar, and a chuck put them in the machine and this is what you get.

lunar classic chuck

The first take at it here keeps the leather or canvas upper but swaps out the bottom for a lunar sole. 

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Nelson Agholor In An Eagles Uniform

eagles agholor


Danny Shelton In A Cleveland Browns Uniform

browns shelton


Marcus Mariota In An Eagles Uniform

mariota eagles