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Mock Draft 1.0NFL Rebrand ALL 32I did a bunch of different helmets for each team but in the end only one helmet can be the primary helmet. If you want to see the other helmet ideas just click the link above the team. You can also go here and see sets of 3 finalist for each team. Below are the final helmet rebrands chosen by me for each team.


Rebrand Part I all teams on one image       Part II

Arizona Cardinals

I always loved the Cardinals uni with the flag on the sleeves. I also have always thought the Cardinal head needs to be bigger. I added a silver star and PT40 as a Tribute to Pat Tillman


Buffalo Bills

The Bills have a cool logo so I just made the helmet the Buffalo logo

buffalo bills 3 sided



Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs fan in me would love to see a crazy new headdress helmet just once but I really don’t want to see KC change anything. If anything a slightly darker matte helmet

Charles Sollars Concepts @charlessollars

Charles Sollars Concepts @charlessollars



Oakland Raiders

I know Raiders fans will have a fit but I like the idea of a black helmet. I also like the idea of adding AL onto the logo either not the stripe of the helmet on the logo  or on the eye patch like below. I would also like to see two shades of silver used on the helmet and jersey.

Charles Sollars Concepts @charlessollars

San Diego Chargers       LA Look

The Chargers look best in powder blue and white. The Lighting bolt has to stay on the helmet. This looks spices things up but still keeps the fighter pilot helmet feel.

Charles Sollars Concepts @charlessollars


New York Jets

The basic idea of the Jets helmet is good but the logo is bit hard to read for my eyes. I created a new logo which I think reads better on the helmet but keeps the classic look.

Charles Sollars Concepts @charlessollars

New York Giants

The Giants are another team that has a nice old school look. I just think some red added to the letters would help tie in all the uniforms.

Charles Sollars Concepts @charlessollars

Tennessee Titans

The sword and stars logo is by far the best Titans logo. The Titans need to ditch the white helmet and go powder or navy. The helmet needs to match the shoulder color block in my mind.

Charles Sollars Concepts @charlessollars

Houston Texans

The Texans have a cool logo but not so cool helmets and uniforms. I would go with a much larger larger. Its a bull and bulls are big. I would also go with the metallic decals to help the navy part pop on the navy helmet.

Charles Sollars Concepts @charlessollars



Green Bay Packers

I like the Packers helmet it is classic they need to ditch the glitter that shit isn’t classic or tough. The throwback uniform need a helmet logo so I give you this idea. I would love a cheesehead helmet just once.

Charles Sollars Concepts @charlessollars

Charles Sollars Concepts @charlessollars


Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jags helmet and uniform are FUGLY and who designed them should be drawn and quartered at high noon. My idea is to have a helmet that is flat with jaguar print and an oversized reworked logo. As much as I hate the two tone helmets of the Jags that make no sense at all it is the ugly cartoon cat that kills the look more for me. I took that same cat changed the shape a little and added grey and some other tweaks to the the logo below.

Charles Sollars Concepts @charlessollars


Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles need to go back to being green not the crap they are now.

Charles Sollars Concepts @charlessollars

Dallas Cowboys

Dallas is the big D so why not have a Big D on the lid

Charles Sollars Concepts @charlessollars

Washington Redskins

The Redskins need a new name. I had Warriors in mind with this helmet. I think removing Redskins as the name but keeping the feather in the logo would be compromise that both sides could live with for a few years as a new look is transitioned into

Charles Sollars Concepts @charlessollars

Seattle Seahawks

I never really liked Seattle going navy but I guess it is here to stay but I still would like to see a silver helmet be brought back into the mix.

Charles Sollars Concepts @charlessollars

San Fransisco 49ers

The Niners logo is fine but I like the Warriors logo better so I came up with this cross axed bay area logo for when the Raiders move to LA

Charles Sollars Concepts @charlessollars

Saint Louis Rams

The horns need to have a meaner look and navy and yellow is a better look for the Rams

Charles Sollars Concepts @charlessollars

Denver Broncos

Navy helmets suck on a team known for orange enough said. I would love a royal blue helmet but i don’t think we will see that happen anytime soon. I just hope they ditch all of the pointy arena league looking uni details.

Charles Sollars Concepts @charlessollars


Charles Sollars Concepts @charlessollars

New England Patriots

A white helmet lets the team wear their sweet red throwbacks. I like Pat so I made him big. You could go with the red mask but I thought that might be a bit much with the huge logo.

Charles Sollars Concepts @charlessollars

Chicago Bears

The Bears are classic but this look is classic and mean all at the sometime.

Charles Sollars Concepts @charlessollars

Minnesota Vikings

The horns have to stay on any Viking helmet. This one just adds to the Viking look.

Charles Sollars Concepts @charlessollars

Cleveland Browns

Brown masks are not a good look. I just added Brownie to the bottom real small and gave the helmet a higher shine they the normal helmets with a metallic brown stripe

Charles Sollars Concepts @charlessollars

Cincinnati Bengals

The Stripes have to stay in Cincy but a two tone orange and white helmet under would make a great helmet even better.

Charles Sollars Concepts @charlessollars

New Orleans Saints

Good guys wear white and Saints are good guys.

Charles Sollars Concepts @charlessollars

Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons should have red helmets it is that simple. The only real question I have is do you go with a black mask or go with a more old school look and go grey.

Charles Sollars Concepts @charlessollars

Carolina Panthers

Panthers should have Carolina blue helmets. Still haven’t decided if two big cats would be better than this look.

carolina panthers two sided

Pittsburgh Steelers

I never want to see the Steelers with two logos on a helmet but adding a metal feel to the helmet could be cool

Charles Sollars Concepts @charlessollars

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 

The new Bucs uniforms are almost as bad as the new Jags uniforms. Thank you for nothing Nike. I have two ideas for the Bucs. One is a tweak to the sword and flag logo the other uses the alt ship logo. It depends on the day which one I like more so here they both are

Charles Sollars Concepts @charlessollars bucs-ship-helmet

Indianapolis Colts

The Colts should always have white helmets and I don’t think they should change but I do love the old school kicking horse logo.

Charles Sollars Concepts @charlessollars

Detroit Lions

I do not like the black in the Lions uniforms but I do think adding a darker grey to the uniform and helmet along with the white, blue, & silver they already use would give the team a meaner look.

Charles Sollars Concepts @charlessollars

Baltimore Ravens

This is just sick

Charles Sollars Concepts @charlessollars


Miami Dolphins

I do not like the new Dolphins logo. It is bad. I also never really liked the old Dolphins logo. I tweaked the old logo and made him grey losing the sun around him.

Charles Sollars Concepts @charlessollars



Toronto Bills

Toronto Bills 3 sides tornto bills 3 helmets

LA Chargers


Charles Sollars Concepts @charlessollars

LA Raiders

Charles Sollars Concepts @charlessollars

Charles Sollars Concepts @charlessollars


NFL Rebrand ALL 32

If you want to see some NCAA Helmets click HERE

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