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A Better Kansas City Chiefs Color Rush Uniform

First let me say on the record: I am so glad the all yellow idea was killed. Now, the red on red is ok but I would have liked it if the Chiefs added something new to the color rush jersey. Here are a few ideas I have to spice things up a bit.



Charles Sollars Concepts @charlessollars

Charles Sollars Concepts @charlessollars






I don’t see why the color rush uniform has to be one color only. So, with that in mind here is a yellow pant KC concept. I am not a fan of a hello top in any form.

maclin 19


Nike is selling this shirt as the Chiefs Color Rush shirt. So, I did some uniforms following this design idea.

kc-kelce-11 kc-kelce-10 kc-kelce-9 kc-kelce-8 kc-kelce-7


Chiefs ALT Home Uniform Concepts

maclin-19-2 Current Home Unimaclin-19-3Current ALT Home Uni

maclin 19 red red red headdressCurrent ALT uni but with a headdress wrapped helmet

maclin 19Yellow pants and headdress helmet maclin-19 yellow pants

Yellow pants with current helmet could be a cool option


NFL Draft Round One Recap With Concept Helmets and Uniforms

1. Tampa Bay Bucs QB FSU Jamies Winston Charles Sollars Concepts @charlessollars
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NFL Rebrand Primary Helmet

Mock Draft 1.0NFL Rebrand ALL 32I did a bunch of different helmets for each team but in the end only one helmet can be the primary helmet. If you want to see the other helmet ideas just click the link above the team. You can also go here and see sets of 3 finalist for each team. Below are the final helmet rebrands chosen by me for each team.
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Pro Bowl Uniforms




So, I hate the Pro Bowl Uniforms. I hate them not because of the colors but because it looked like Nike didn’t even try. Madden ’99 had better uniforms for teams that relocated to Omaha in year six of the dynasty mode.

I do not love the colors Nike has decided to use but since there is always someone with no taste put in charge at these companies I thought I would give it my best shot at using bright as the sun green and orange.

I also did a few with a silver on silver monotone helmet as well as a few using the traditional red AFC uniform.

I like the idea of going color on color in the Pro Bowl because it would look cool and it really doesn’t matter its the Pro Bowl.

pro bowl doublepro bowl color on color Charles sollars concepts

pro bowl side 7pro bowl limepro bowl lime silver lidafc red redpro bowl front red silver