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New Royals Spring Training Cap (Slow Clap)

Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap

I like it a lot

royals hat

I will be buying one in a size 7 5/8 as soon as they come out

If you want a full 360 view there are several sites that have pics of all sides and all teams. I stole this pic from the internet.

I like that the hat is still 100% blue, I like the AZ logo, I like the Crown

Only thing that could be added is a World Series Champs Patch for this year.

Tweaks for the next one.

I like that this hat kept the KC on the front but for the next version or an ALT version I think a Larger stand alone crown could be a cool look with the KC built into the crown. I also think that if this is going to be a spring training only hat that the patches on the side could be moved to the back replacing the mlb patch or adding a cactus league logo instead of the road sign.

All in all I think MLB did a great job on this hat and a few of the new hats.

I will be buying more than one more than likely


LA Rams Uniforms What Will They Look Like In 2016

The Rams will be moving from Saint Louis back to LA ish. So, this means there will be a new uniform in some form or fashion next season. The big question is what will that uniform look like when it takes the field in Cali. Will it be the navy and gold the team has worn in Saint Louis, the royal blue and yellow of LA, the navy and white of LA, or could a new color set of all four colors be coming for 2016. Below are a few ideas I did for the Rams a few drafts back. There are other ideas on the page here as well but many say Saint Louis so i left them off this post but here is the link if you want to see a yellow uni or more helmets.rams ROBINSON GODL

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