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Boot Concepts

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Adidas Concept Basketball Shoe

I have been playing around with this shoe. I don’t think I’m there just yet but figured I post it.

I don’t really have a player in mind yet but I did one a red and black mock for Lillard or DRose, the green and blue and black and silver for Wiggins




Jordan XXX 30 For 30

Jordan XXX

Charles Sollars Concepts

Charles Sollars Concepts


So Retro It’s The Future AJ XXX

I think we can all agree that the Jordan Brand has jumped the shark. The only reason most of us still buy or want J’s is because we missed out on a pair when we were kids.

The new stuff is worse than bad. Sorry Tinker

This XXX brings the brand back to where it started but updates the comfort and tech.


aj 1 2kaj 1 2k 5
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Color Bath By Me Of Shaq Remix By My Buddy Archie Tolentino



This is the original by Archie



I did a bunch of color versions of the Shaq Remix concept Archie made a few weeks back. I did Magic, Suns, Lakers, LSU, Cavs, Team USA, Xmas, Celtics and a few others. I also threw in a Oregon version just to make Nike mad if I was Reebok

shaq xmas

shaq heat2shaq suns 4shaq suns 5shaq suns 3shaq suns 2shaq sunsshaq lsu 3 shaq lsu 2 shaq lsu shaq super sonics shaq ducksshaq la 5 shaq la 4 shaq la 3 shaq la 2 shaq lashaq candy cane shaq heat shaq orlando 2 shaq magic shaq boston 2 shaq bostonshaq cavs 2 shaq cavs shaq gold shaq usa gold shaq usa