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Illini Helmet To End All Concepts

Charles Sollars Concepts @charlessollars Charles Sollars Concepts @charlessollars Charles Sollars Concepts @charlessollars Charles Sollars Concepts @charlessollars

NCAA Helmet Concepts


I have done thousands of NCAA and NFL helmets. Below are just a few of those helmets. If you wish to see more of your team just click on the link to see more helmets and for some teams full uniform concepts.
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CHANEL Announced As New Primary Sponsor For College Football Playoff Championship Game


In a marketing move to get women trapped in front of the tv by their football crazed boyfriends to care about who wins the game Chanel has decided to become the primary sponsor of the College Football Playoff Championship Game. The new trophy will be a larger than life sized version of Chanel’s newest lipstick called CHAMPION.

The new lipstick will feature colors of every National Championship team in NCAA history.


Illini Helmet Concepts Nike Should Have Used

A few years back after seeing my headdress helmet pictured below. I was contacted by the Illini to come up with some concepts.

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As you all know the school can’t use the Chief anymore so the headdress helmet is probably never going to happen at an Illini game.

We decided to work on some other headdressish concepts to get around the rule. I did a ton of ideas for the team you can see them all here that is my flickr site but here are the highlights

The render isn’t great on these compared to what I do now but these are several years old, Illini people have already seen the and Nike still went with the boring I helmet. One helmet like that maybe, two if you are worried about money but 3 means that they could afford to do one of these helmets. I was told back in 2012 that price was the biggest hurdle to the Illinois script headdress concepts below.

These helmet still have the feel of a headdress but get around the NCAA rules about using the Chief. The final two helmets are a more abstract version of a headdress. All of you Illini fans that don’t like your new uniforms look on the bright side you could have easily been given the much worse Cuse uniform.


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