Things You Can Buy Me

Things you can buy me if you feel you have too much money or you can give to me if you are a brand or team. Why not if you don’t ask people don’t have the chance to say no you fool.


royals hat

The new Royals Spring Training hat is a 100% buy 7 5/8 if you feel the need to send me one.

XL $80 for a hoodie is criminal but if you are buying I’ll take one and the matching WS patch hat in an 7 5/8


Thanks for nothing internet I bought my own on when they had  sale got the navy one blue was sold out in XL and got the hat on fanatics


Here is an amazon wishlist if you have to much money


Kansas City Chiefs Tickets


Super Bowl Tickets


Kansas City Royals Tickets




Custom Charles Sollars Chiefs Jersey Size XL

Any Kansas City Chiefs Stuff Size XL in Shirts

Nikon camera



New Apple Mac Book because my old one has some wear and tear on it making all of these uniforms







Custom Charles Sollars Royals Jersey XL


Bo Jackson BP Uni XL because Bo was the BEST!






Richmond Flying Squirrels Hat 7 5/8 I have ordered these hats several times from to have my order cx due to it being out of stock. I love the flying squirrel logo just saying. Update I finally got the black one without my order getting CX.

New to the list of the things you can give me Arkansas Travelers with what I think is maybe the best BP hat in the MILB



Royals Minor League Team Lexington Legends Hat 7 5/8

pMLB2-15774370dt pMLB2-15774344dt


I just bought myself one of these Omaha Storm Chasers hats 7 5/8


Shoes Size 10


He Got Game XIII & Playoffs XIII

I have never been able to get a pair of either when they released or rereleased

You can add the re-released XIV to the list because I know I have zero chance of getting any of these because the shoe game has just gonna stupid.


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