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Revisiting my old post What If Every NFL Mascot Was As Socially Awkward As The Washington Redskins

I posted this 4 or 5 years ago and no one got it. Seeing todays pressure for the Redskins to change their name I decided to pull this out of the digital mothballs. Below is the original post.

I was watching Mike & Mike a little while back and they were talking about the Redskins and how  they might have to change their name to get a new stadium in D.C. They were also talking about if they should have to change the name. There were a ton of viewers who believe that this name should stay. They said something like 38% of America thinks the name should go. You can count me in that percentage

This got me to thinking what if the entire NFL had names just as bad as the Redskins.

So, I decided to make helmets for every team using every racist thing I could find on google and see just how outraged people would get over some of those teams. Thus proving how much change is needed with the name Redskins.

This is going to be very racist by design. I am not a racist, which I know is what most racist people say but I feel no hate for anyone based on their race, nationality, religion or sexual orientation. I do however have a strong dislike of Raider fans lol.

Sorry for the language ahead of time. I found this lists of slurs on wikipedia. I also added the definition for each from the site. Some of the images I made and others I just googled images of racist shit and boom ten billion images.

Might I welcome you to the National Racist League still under the leadership of  Roger GODell (I know it’s Goodell but he thinks he is GOD its a joke comment corrector person hit delete)

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Armed Forces USAF, ARMY, NAVY, MARINES Football Uniform Concepts

NCAA Helmets        NFL Helmet


Original LAX Versions

These started out as lacrosse uniform ideas for a project I was working on but the guy that had final say on that project didn’t like the idea. So, I took the work and made them into football uniforms for the Service Academies Army, Navy, and  Air Force.

I saw a few questions online. So, here are a few answers.

Yes, I know the Marines do not have their own academy. The original project the four team themes were already picked for four high schools to wear. I kept the Marines because Navy could still wear them or any team wanting to do a military theme for that matter. The medical theme on Army was because the original project was going to give a donation to the Wounded Warrior Project. So, the medic treatment was a hat tip to the service that all the doctors, nurses, etc provide to all the wounded service men and women.

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The Royals Should Embrace A Monarchs Inspired Uni For An Alt

Now before your twitter tards start yelling “They already do!” (With your I know more than you shit eating grin on your face) I know the Royals wear Monarchs Uniforms every year. I also know that they auction them off and do the the Dressed to The Nines Day. I also think the Royals need to get a costume rental place to bring in a trailer full of vintage stuff you can rent for the game because that would be sweet. Maybe even make it free with a deposit that is refunded if you don’t get mustard on your shirt.

I am not talking about a throwback uni that is navy blue and red and says Monarchs on it. I am also not saying the Royals should stop wearing the Monarchs stuff. I think they should wear the Monarchs stuff a few more times a year, if nothing else to help promote the Negro League Museum.

Back to my original idea of the Kansas City Royals embracing a Monarchs Inspired Alt uni. I am sure Majestic would be all for having another uni to sell. Adding another Alt uni is the easiest way to make this happen. Why does it need to be an Alt uni and not just the Turn Back The Clock Uni. Well, you can’t wear the Turn Back The Clock Stuff in the Playoffs and World Series.

My idea is to take some of the classic elements from past Monarchs uniforms and caps and come out with a new Monarchs themed Royals colored uniform every few years .


$_35 jp_bball_jackie_1_e 41tCsvnKO3L._SX342_

I think this would be a great way to honor the tradition of the Monarchs but still have a uniform that has Royals logos and colors

I think every uniform should have the heart KC patch on it in some form or another. I also think the K C jersey should be the template so the uni doesn’t say Royals or Monarchs but still has the classic look of a Monarchs uniform.

buck oneil
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NFL Draft Round One Recap With Concept Helmets and Uniforms

1. Tampa Bay Bucs QB FSU Jamies Winston Charles Sollars Concepts @charlessollars
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Williams VS Cooper Who Do You Take

raiders pick

Williams VS Cooper