Lebron James Cleveland Cavaliers Uniform Concepts

I did a few new Cavs uniforms. My thought with the NBA uni if Adidas is going to keep forcing the sleeved uni is that they should make every uni in both sleeved and regular. This way guys that hate it don’t have to wear it but  Adidas can sell both versions. Adidas can also make guys under contract with them wear the sleeved one X times a year or have a bonus in the contract.

I did a few different color combos because well they are the Cavs who knows what color is coming out the tunnel next.

Cavs Wiggins, Exum, & Parker Conceptscavs james 4 cavs james 5 cavs james 6 cavs james 7 cavs james 9 CAVS JAMES 10 cavs jamesjames cavs 2james cavs 7


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